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Val Grainger - Entrepreneur, Smallholder, Environmentalist and Shepherd

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Val Grainger

Permaculture, Project Management Consultancy, B&B, courses and more!

Val was farming in Somerset in the south West of England for more than 30 years...Qualified to degree level in Landscape Conservation and Countryside Management, and a qualified trainer and permaculture teacher she now lives in Cornwall with her husband and family, chickens and dogs. She now runs a lovely eco b&b. Having set up and run the award winning business The Woolly Shepherd in 2005 she sold it in 2011 to concentrate on raising the profile of sustainability and develop other avenues. A skilled project manager she will help your project to run smoothly leaving you to concentrate on the enjoyable bits! Book her now!


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Val Grainger started the award winning sheeps wool insulation business The Woolly Shepherd in 2005. With a lifelong interest in sustainability and farming she has now left to concentrate on other projects! Val is a skilled project manager and is available to take your projects forward and likes the challenge of rural and environmental projects. Val also give talks and run seminars on a variety of subjects with sustainable living at the heart of them.


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  • Courses
  • B & B
  • Consultancy & Project management
  • Permaculture
  • Sheep
  • Media - please contact for interviews etc
  • Talks to breed societies, WIs, groups and clubs
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  • To tread lightly on the earth
  • To leave no waste, well as little as possible!
  • To make a difference, even a small one
  • To provide some space for those without
  • To make people smile more!